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Prayer and Life Workshops is a service that helps you learn and deepen in the art of prayer. This learning has a highly experimental character, like a workshop: by praying we learn to pray. In a workshop we learn to enter into a personal relationship with the Lord through different prayer methods, from the first steps of simple prayer to the heights of contemplation. Since prayer, besides being grace, in an art in regards to human nature, the Workshop is organized in a manner that offers a progressive way of learning, methodical in character, with a great deal of discipline. Results? Friends and disciples of Christ.

A Life Workshop

By means of a woven pattern of meditations on the Word, intensive prayer, community reflection and silencing exercises, the participants overcome, step by step, their inner anguishes and anxieties, fears and sadness.

As a result of deeply living faith and surrender, the participants slowly become filled with a peace never before imagined.

Result? Overcoming complexes, traumas, controlling your nerves, emotional stability, and joy of living.

Apostolic Workshop

The Workshop does not create ecclesiastic groups or prayer communities. It only offers a limited and humble service: teaching to pray and to live a Christian life.

In the last sessions, the Workshop leads the Christian to directly participate in the priestly, prophetic ad regal mission of Jesus Christ. How we would like to make an apostle of each participant!

We dream of transforming the Workshops into a nursery of apostolic vocations, and we are determined that the Workshops become a means for the vitalization of the church.


Our ideal is: minimum structure, maximum efficiency.The Workshop consists of 15 Sessions.Each Session lasts for two hours.The ideal number of participants is between 15 and 20 people.The Workshops can be given in a parish hall, schoolroom, or in a private residence.

The Workshop is distinguished by the strict punctuality, order and discipline. Therefore it has an evangelizing and humanitarian dimension.

Other Services

EEG Retreat EEG Retreat
Encounters-Experience of God (EEG) is a 5-day close-in retreat adventure in the spirit as the intimacy with God, whom we know loves us, deepens. At the end of the retreat the participants come to the conclusion that it was well worthwhile leaving everything behind to live this experience.
The Biblical Course The Biblical Course
This is a service that Prayer and Life Workshops is making available to all those who wish to begin to understand the Word of God in depth. The Biblical Course consists of 5 two and a half hour, weekly sessions. There is no better handbook for the personal growth of the Christian community than sacred scripture.
PLW Perseverance PLW Perseverance
These Sessions were made for former workshop goers, and the first of these were called “Life with Mary”, “Life in Fraternity”, Pray with the Psalms”, “Meditations with Christ”, etc. Interspersed with Biblical Readings, such as prayers, songs, and community-based reflections or meditations that are carried out once a week for two hours.
Evangelization Talks Evangelization Talks
Evangelization Talks and/or Meetings may be given in a couple of hours, in half-day or full-day meetings or over a week-end. This may suite for recollections and 2-day retreat. All of the contents of these Talks or Meetings are based on the richness and diversity of our Association’s legacy, the original works of our founder Father Ignacio Larrañaga.