The works of Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga provide analysis and solutions, doctrines and orientations for human needs and problems.  These works have helped millions of people experience the joy of inner freedom and the joy of life.  Although the author is Catholic, his message is valid for any Christian, any believer, and simply, for any man or woman as has been demonstrated throughout many countries.  In fact, many psychologists recommend his books to their patients.

The following books written by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga:

  1. Sensing Your Hidden Presence. Written in 1974 (111 editions)
  2. The Silence of Mary.  Written in 1976 (321 editions)
  3. Come With Me.  Written in 1978 (65 editions)
  4. Brother Francis of Assisi.  Written in 1980 (66 editions)
  5. From Suffering To Peace. Written in 1984 (123 editions)
  6. Encounter. Written in 1984 (400 editions)
  7. Psalms For Life.  Written in 1986 (37 editions)
  8. The Poor One of Nazareth.  Written in 1990 (40 editions)
  9. Journey Towards God. Written in 1996 (8 editions)
  10. The Fire and the Rose. Written in 1997 (16 editions)
  11. El Sentido De La Vida (The Meaning of Life) – Not Yet Translated.  Written in 1998 (3 editions)
  12. El Matrimonio Feliz (Happy Marriage) – Not Yet Translated.  Written in 2000 (9 editions)
  13. The Art of Being Happy.  Written in 2002
  14. The Forces of Decadence.  Written in 2004
  15. Dios Adentro (God Within) – Not Yet Translated.  Written in 2004.