A Prayer Workshop A Prayer Workshop
PLW (Prayer and Life Workshops) is a service which helps participants to learn and deepen skills in the art of prayer. The learning has a highly experimental character, like a workshop: by praying the participants learn to pray.
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A Life Workshop A Life Workshop
By means of a woven pattern of meditations on the Word, intensive prayer, community reflection and silencing exercises, the participants overcome, step by step, their inner anguishes and anxieties, fears and sadness.
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A Limited Service A Limited Service
The workshop does not create ecclesiastic groups nor prayer communities. It only offers a limited and humble service: teaching people to pray and to live a Christian life.
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An Open Attendance An Open Attendance
People who attend the Workshop are simple Christians, catechists, Pastoral agents, militants of diverse Christian groups, Protestants from different denominations.
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Welcome to Prayer and Life Workshops Philippines, we bring a new form of EVANGELIZATION closer to you.

The Prayer and Life Workshops are a new form of EVANGELIZATION; alive and with a greater positive vision than what has previously been available. It is a more vibrant and provides a vivid presentation of Jesus; a true adaptation to the needs of our present society. Its emphasis is on love transforming power rather than on fear and punishment. That is why unequivocally we say that Prayer and Life Workshops is the answer to today’s world.

Why Attend?

You learn to pray.
The Workshop provides you the opportunity to learn and deepen your skills in the art of prayer. One learns to enter in a personal relationship with the Lord, through different praying methods, from the first steps of simple prayer to the heights of contemplation.
You learn to live.
Experience a deep living in faith and surrender to God’s will, being filled with a peace that surpasses all understanding. You learn to overcome, step by step, your inner anguishes and anxieties, fears and sadness. Learn to overcome complexes, traumas, controlling your nerves, emotional stability and experience the joy of living.
Facilitated by lay people.
Most of the Guides (workshop facilitators) are lay people and all the members of the Coordinating teams are lay people who have experienced the same challenges and struggles in prayer and day to day lives — but they have learned to practice the workshops in its entirety to help others learn to pray and learn to live.

Read what others say

  • Gift of God. This is how I shall describe my whole experience of being able to attend the Prayer and Life Workshop. It’s a beautiful wrapped-package sent by our dear Father God especially for me.
  • PLW changed my life tremendously, and I thank God for giving me the opportunity to be in that workshop. It gave me a different perspective in life. It gave me reasons to thank God amidst my trials and adversities.
  • The workshop has taught me to fully understand the value of reading the bible as well as doing a step by step methodology toward prayer. It has helped me to fully understand myself in the light of the readings and experiences shared in the sessions. Must-attend for those searching for ways of deepening one’s spiritual journey.
  • I have learned so much about reading the bible. The sessions have disciplined my thinking and the way I look at the world. It is a powerful workshop that led me to a deeper appreciation of life. I am inviting my friends to attend these workshops to better strengthen their relationship with God and with self.
  • Julie Ann Bernal, Light of Jesus, The Feast Alabang
  • Cheryl Yap, Light of Jesus Community
  • Catherine Lim,Mandaluyong City
  • Albert Jose, QC Community

Groups Served

Corporate OfficesChurch OrganizationsAcademic InstitutionsNon-Profit GroupsPrayer Groups
corporateimageWe have had the opportunity to share workshops in offices and work places where people find it consoling and comforting amidst their busy and stressful schedules. It provided a refuge of strength, wisdom and confidence that allowed people in the work place to know themselves better and improve their relationships with co-workers better. The workshop indirectly teaches practical ways of managing stress, creating discipline to pray and to meditate and providing a venue for life experiences to be shared. The Prayer and Life workshops become a great tool to empower the person’s creativity and productivity.
churchorgAlmost a thousand individuals have been helped to gain a better understanding of their mission work in the Church through the offerings of Prayer and Life Workshops in the Church and Parishes. Partnering with various organizations and ministries in the Church has helped establish a firmer foundation to the Church and to the organizations or ministries they belong to. We offer a limited service aimed to help individuals to understand their ministry work better through the eyes and heart of Jesus — the role model of true missionary work.
academicinstitutionEducators, counselors, administrators and even students have gained so much benefit in their attendance to a prayer and life workshop offered in their campus. It only takes 2 hours and 30 minutes to run the workshops requiring a minimum of 12 participants to 30 participants per session. Facilitated by a Prayer and Life Workshop Guide who facilitates the workshop and overseeing the methods of prayer and exercises being practiced correctly. Schools can be a good venue in forming leaders and responsible citizens for the country.
ngoThe Prayer and Life Workshops have offered workshops for groups who wish to understand their mission and purpose in life more. We have had helped staff and volunteers of a drug-rehabilitation center to be more compassionate and understanding to their clients. Groups who are volunteers in a health center as well as agencies that help others to be better. Through the Prayer and Life Workshops, they have gained much more patience, dedication and peace in their day-to-day lives. The workshops became a source of their strength, meaning and stability in their quest to helping others more.
prayergroupsWe have become a mainstay in one of the leading prayer groups in the country for their series of formation on prayer. Their members and leaders have gained so much knowledge and spiritual exercise to prayer and to life because of the workshops. With the workshops unique feature of adapting to any present day situation may it be in the workplace or in the community, the weekly sessions have provided an avenue to befriending God in a more intimate and more practical way.